Team Leaders Communication Tips


Team Leaders Communication Tips

Tineke Keesmaat explains why talking is often better than sending an email when it comes to communicating and leading your team. 

Research shows that over 90% of leaders still rely on emails to engage with teams. While email is useful, if you want to be an inspiring leader you need to actually talk with your teams. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Orchestrate meaningful in-person sessions. Passion and pace can’t be created in an email. A formula we’ve used is to facilitate quarterly in-person sessions to inspire purpose, align on priorities, problem-solve issues, build skills, and deepen relationships. Depending on your organization’s size this may be all-team members or key leaders.

Adopt weekly or bi-weekly “all hands”. Google, as an example, has been using a weekly all-hands since its early days to share progress, celebrate wins, and explore new ideas. Using these informal chats can be a great way to hear what’s on your team’s mind, to show that you care, and to drive focus. Audio/video technology can be a great enabler here.

Fuel your leaders’ communications. Make it easy for your leaders to share your messages day-to-day. Align around fundamental messaging: What’s your core purpose? What’s your vision? What are your key priorities? Why does their work matter? Don’t assume that saying it will be enough. Write it down. Talk about it. Refresh and repeat. Provide practical tools to spread the word: leader cheat sheets, animated slide decks, huddle notes, FAQs, etc.


Key points include:

  • Meaningful sessions
  • Creative additions
  • Unlocking potential


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