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Team Building for Leaders


Team Building for Leaders

In this post, Tyler Grant shares key points to consider when team building.

70% of the advice I see on LinkedIn about teams is completely useless for the average team.

There’s a lot of conversation about speed to delivery, value generation, stable teams, and fast paced, build to last tech practices.

However, I feel that much of the hashtag#agile seems to have forgotten that only a small handful of teams meet the requirements to take advantage of much of this advice.

✔ It’s important to talk about trust and psychological safety.

❌ It’s equally important to recognize that many teams aren’t operating in that fashion due to organizational, individual, and corporate decisions. It’s hard to feel safe with the amount of layoffs going around for starters.

✔ It’s important to talk about empowered teams who co-create their work in partnership with the business.

❌ It’s also important to recognize that many teams are still in the “work tossed over the wall” mode due to their enterprise structure.

✔ It’s important to share about technical excellence, quick building pipelines, and TDD practices.

❌ We also can’t forget about teams that want to use those practices but due to their mandated deadlines and lack of clarity on what to build are struggling to get there.

We need to step out of our ivory tower, understand that many teams are still in the storming phase, even when they’ve been working together for a long time, and often it has nothing to do with whether they’re using the right delivery practice or not.

How are you getting your hands dirty these days and building teams that can succeed, no matter the circumstances?


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