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Succeeding in a Hybrid World


Succeeding in a Hybrid World

Umbrex member Tineke Keesmaat, Founder and CEO of TILTCO Inc., has published Succeeding in a Hybrid World: A Playbook for Leaders.

The Playbook, accompanied by a three-part podcast series, provides leaders a practical framework to re-imagine, re-build, and re-boot their organizations post-pandemic in a world where there is a mix of in-person and remote work happening for their teams.

You should really check out that link and download the document. The design is absolutely stunning.

Tineke used a mix of podcast interviews, research, and Roundtable discussions with business leaders, academics, and consultants to inform this comprehensive perspective.

A number of Umbrex members participated in these Roundtables to contribute to the perspective: Jay Altizer, Will Bachman, Nils Boeffel, Bernard Borowski, Susan Charnaux, Melanie Espeland, Jennifer Hartz, Rashay Jethalal, Aneta Key, John King, Agnes Kunkel, Stephen Redwood, Mike Ross, Amanda Setili, and Sarah Sonnenfeld.

Tineke will join me next week on an episode of Unleashed to share the insights from her Playbook.