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Should the U.S. Army End an Invasion?


Should the U.S. Army End an Invasion?


Anders Corr shares an article published in the Epoch Times on why the US Army should end Venezuela’s planned invasion of Guyana.

Venezuela is all but threatening Guyana—its smaller pro-American southern neighbor—with an invasion.

On Nov. 20, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced a “people’s vote” to “respond to the provocations of Exxon, the U.S. Southern Command, and the president of Guyana” by deciding on whether to annex the Essequibo region, which includes almost 75 percent of the country’s territory and 200,000 Guyanese. The area has most of the country’s oil reserves, the largest globally per capita. Few Essequibo residents speak Spanish, the language of Venezuela, or have significant relations with the country. Most speak English and indigenous languages.

While the International Court of Justice sensibly ruled against any Venezuelan invasion of Guyana on Dec. 1, it, unfortunately, did not take a position against the vote, which will almost certainly pass and stakes Mr. Maduro’s reputation on following through.

Mr. Maduro’s election in 2018 was a fraud, and his current approval rating is just 20 percent. The unpopular dictator is unlikely to be elected in the 2024 election without dirty tricks. This vote to invade a neighbor is his authoritarian form of electoral jujitsu.

The most popular candidate is María Corina Machado, who is pro-democracy, pro-market, has a positive approach to the United States, and has supported foreign military intervention against the Venezuelan regime.

That should be a serious policy option under consideration by the Biden administration before Mr. Maduro destabilizes South America further. A U.S. Army delegation visited Guyana in late November to discuss military readiness and security threats, which is a step in the right direction.


Key points include:

  • Newfound oil wealth
  • Suggested election fraud
  • Imposing sanctions


Read the full article, US Army Should End Venezuela’s Planned Invasion of Guyana, on The Epoch Times.