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Save the Date: Corporate Stories


Save the Date: Corporate Stories


Aneta Key extends an invitation to an online global professional mixer on October 29, 2021. 

“Switch the scene, switch the topic, switch the crowd: 

A lovely virtual networking event for a quick time out.

About the mixers

The Global Professional Mixers are short, highly interactive events MC-ed by Aneta Key that spotlight rotating “Virtual Explorations” topics to spark connections among intellectually curious professionals from around the world in Aneta’s “circles of professional circles.” 

Effortlessly mingle with others, compare notes, share ideas, learn something… then go back to your projects, decisions, and regular meetings with a refreshed perspective and something to talk about. 

The events are free. 

This mixer

After exploring startup stories in August, and scale-up stories in September, it is time to reflect on how corporate life in a “grown-up” company feels like.  The rails are set and the train has gained momentum and routine. Or has it? 

Well, Halloween is almost here — bring your fun, and your scary stories.

What to expect:

As always, we will explore the topic in 3 ways:”

  • During fun opening icebreakers. Yes, videoconferences can be useful and fun at the same time!
  • With a framing discussion to seed ideas.
  • During borderless networking breakouts. This is the part everyone loves the most — it’s like chatting to your seat neighbors on a flight in 2019, but without the plane trip.


Sign up for the event, October Virtual Explorations: Corporate Stories, on