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Sales Diagnostic for Sales Leaders


Sales Diagnostic for Sales Leaders

Peter Bancroft shares a company post designed to help sales leaders uncover and set clear priorities. 

Whether you’ve recently taken on responsibility for a Sales function or you have been in your role for years and are trying to take a long view, it can be difficult to hone in on which initiatives will build stronger foundations and drive incremental value. Recast Partners have created a detailed diagnostic from Sales strategy to operations to allow you to take a holistic view of your potential next moves.

Specific subjects within seven broad categories should be assessed as to whether they help drive the performance of the sales team, whether it supports the performance or whether they hinder performance:

Sales Strategy

: Market knowledge, competitor insight, customer insight

Market Segmentation and Targeting

: Customer segmentation, customer journeys, segment expertise

The Offer

: Value propositions, pricing, packaging, demand generation


: Salesforce structure, Salesforce sizing, territory alignment, incentives

Talent management

: Recruiting, onboarding, training, performance management

Sales process

: Sales playbook, Sales management process, prospecting, qualifying, opportunity management, quoting, close, post-close, account planning

Sales tools and analytics

: CRM, marketing tools, tools maximising selling time, analytics

A long-list of potential initiatives can be created and mapped out on a 3 x 3 chart of Value vs. Effort/ time/ investment to help prioritise. Most companies will want to select a small portfolio of quick wins (potentially to be done in phases) which are mid to high value but low investment as well as a small number of strategic priorities which are high value but mid to high effort.

Sales leaders need to carefully match available change resources to the ambition in terms of projects, as well as being conscious of the impact on the front line. While a common mistake is to saddle the Head of Sales with both improving BAU operations at the same time as delivering a complicated series of projects, it’s vital for them to receive support either from a strong Commercial/ Sales Operations function or from resources external to the function or the company. Recast Partners is a specialist in transforming sales operations while protecting the day to day operations from distraction and undue risk.

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Key points include:

  • Market knowledge
  • Sales tools and analytics
  • Mapping potential initiatives


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