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Running a Professional Development Retreat


Running a Professional Development Retreat

Lynn Compton Seay shares a post on running a professional development retreat and offers a PDF of materials created. 

I miss attending McKinsey’s annual professional development retreats, so I organized my own. 

While I’ve lost access to McKinsey’s Cadillac programming, I still maintain a roster of inspirational professional friends and colleagues. I rounded up a group, whipped up a couple templates and we checked into a local beach resort for 24 hours of reflection and connection.

I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with the experience, especially given that it cost <$500/person and came together in 10-15 hours of planning.

Aside from obvious differences in scale and networking focus, I would say the biggest difference was the professionally diversity – we had consultants, marketers, strategists, writers, sales leaders, etc. Although this diversity prevented us from focusing on role specific skill development, it enabled fascinating outside perspectives. It also created a focus on the shared personal side of the equation, which resulted in deeper conversations and more integrative goal setting.

To my independent professionals/employees who don’t have access to regular retreats: Have you ever done anything similar? Or have you paid to join any existing programs? I know they can be expensive, and I would be interested to hear any positive or negative experiences.

If anyone wants to try out the agenda or materials I created, send me a DM and I’d be happy to share the PDF.


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