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Rethinking How We Grow and Harvest Food


Rethinking How We Grow and Harvest Food

Indranil Ghosh shares an episode from the Powering Prosperity podcast. In this episode, he interviews the vertical farming pioneer Louis Ferro.

This weekly newsletter looks at issues relating to the Global Economic Transition that will play out over the coming 20-30 years (see my Apr 13 introductory article on Linkedin for additional context).

Each week, I’ll share my research into the upcoming global transition and what it means for you as citizens and as investors.

I’ll also be joined by distinguished thought leaders, business leaders, sustainable investors, and entrepreneurs from my global network. Each one will shed light on a unique aspect of the disruptions that lie ahead.

This week’s guest is Louis Ferro, Chairman and President of Empire State Greenhouses, who is building mind-bogglingly large vertical indoor farming facilities.

Large-scale vertical farming offers incredible advantages in terms of organic-grade food production, water and land-use efficiency, and reduction in carbon footprint. It also generates well-paid jobs and adds resilience to the entire food production value chain—essential benefits in the post-coronavirus world.

Of course, vertical farming will never completely replace traditional methods. In future issues, we will explore how regenerative farming methods can upgrade traditional agriculture to be much less dependent on pesticides and fertilisers, while sequestering significant amounts of carbon into the soil.


Key points include:

  • Large-scale vertical farming benefits
  • Regenerative farming
  • Sequestering carbon


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