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Reap the Benefits of Critical Thinking Skills


Reap the Benefits of Critical Thinking Skills

In the current environment of information saturation, Rahul Bhargava highlights the importance of critical thinking skills and how to improve them. 

Now and then, every individual comes face to face with some challenge or a problem, which requires them to make a decision. For an entrepreneur, it could be something as simple as deciding a name for their venture or something as crucial as choosing a location for the office. If you’re an employee working for an organization, you could be tasked with something as uncomplicated as picking out your workspace or something as critical as hiring recruits or choosing your team. For a student, some decisive tasks at hand would be, picking the correct career path, which subjects to study, which college to go to, and so on.

Life is full of such severities. Some problems may be complicated, and some may not be so difficult. Some issues may arise on the professional front, some on a personal front. Whatever it is, every decision you make, will have a crucial impact on your life. Hence, you must possess the problem solving ability and skills to think critically to tackle any situation better. Not only would it help you narrow down upon the best suitable option, but also facilitate its effective implementation.

A real-life situation where the skills of critical thinking would come in handy is in filtering out information. We live in a world of the internet and social media, where a truckload of information is available in a single click. Some of this information could be correct and accurate, whilst the majority of it is found to be untrue, commonly referred to as “fake news”.

To give you a very recent instance, some conspiracy theories had arisen that related the supposed harmful health effects of the 5G cellular network technology, including a link to the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects of such misinformation have been seen almost immediately, like arson attacks on cell phone towers across Europe and the USA. Though there may be less immediate effects, some long term effects could perhaps be slowing down or preventing economic growth.

So, how do you find the truth amongst all this noise? In such a scenario, critical thinking skills and problem solving ability can help you analyze and evaluate the data available to you. It will not only help look at data objectively; it will also help filter out unnecessary, irrelevant information.


Key points include:

  • Effective Reasoning
  • Objective Evaluating
  • Decision Making


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