Promotion and Privacy – Proceed with Caution


Promotion and Privacy – Proceed with Caution


Jeffery Perry shares a post on how business must walk a fine line between delivering content through digital media and overstepping consumer privacy.

In the age of data analytics and digital marketing, businesses have grown in the ability to gain insights into consumer needs based on capturing their behavior and tendencies. Consumers want their preferences known and often freely share their information to get more personalized and tailored experiences. At the same time, consumers increasingly want their privacy. This paradox creates tension between businesses and consumers with underlying technology in the crosshairs. While data mining deepens consumer relationships, there is a rising tide of transparency and consumer awareness of how their data is captured, by whom, and how it is used.

We all can relate to people who visit health and wellness websites, looking for ways to remain healthy through exercise, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Moments later, while scrolling through their Facebook feed, they are inundated with countless advertisements for exercise equipment, healthy foods, and athletic apparel. They also receive multiple emails about items left in their shopping carts, waiting for them to complete their purchases. Once they buy anything across these categories, they receive reminders to replenish the healthy food items, explore the latest fitness apparel, and expand accessories to complement their new workout equipment. While people may be irritated by being surrounded by these marketing messages, they get the specific equipment they prefer, the perfect apparel, and a curated nutritional plan that exactly meets their needs!


Key points include:

  • Marketing messages
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Data permission


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