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Project win-loss analyzer spreadsheet


Project win-loss analyzer spreadsheet


During Week One (Report the Facts) of the annual planning process, you may ask yourself questions such as:

What are my best sources of project leads?
Which sources of leads convert at a low rate?
When I lost proposals, what was the reason?

While a CRM system such as Pipedrive can help you answer those questions, it’s also possible to use Excel.

For years, James Black has tracked every proposal he submits using an Excel spreadsheet. He tracks

  1. Point of contact
  2. Client company
  3. Type of project
  4. Total revenue (estimated in case of a loss; actual in case of a win)
  5. Win/Loss
  6. Reason code for losses

You might track other data points such as your initial estimate of the likelihood any given opportunity converts or the number of hours you invest in a proposal.