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Preparing for Professional Readiness 


Preparing for Professional Readiness 

Priyanka Ghosh shares a case study from her company blog on preparing for professional readiness. 


A leading business school in Dubai approached ProMelior to run a series of workshops and 1:1 sessions to prepare students for job interviews as they approached the end of their MBA program. Many of the students aspired to careers in management consulting, investment banking, investment management and other professional/ financial services. However, many of the students lacked a thorough understanding of what each type of job demanded and what was expected from them in the interview process.


ProMelior addressed the common needs of the 60-student group through a series of seminars and training sessions. For each major profession, ProMelior organized seminars in which a senior professional from a top firm would talk about what their profession entailed and provide case studies of their work. Students then had the opportunity to question a panel of recent graduates from different firms about their experiences during recruitment and early years on-the-job. The seminars proved to be excellent forums for students to learn more about each profession, understand the differences between firms as well as network with future employers.

ProMelior’s training sessions were designed to help students with common challenges in preparing for interviews such as:

Crafting an engaging personal story

Articulating a credible motivation to enter the profession

Bringing relevant experiences to life

Writing an impactful resume

Creating a memorable elevator pitch

Enhancing personal presence

Each training session was followed by ‘office hours’ in which smaller groups of students could seek help on specific issues.


ProMelior also provided students with the opportunity to sharpen their interview skills in 1:1 sessions or small group exercises covering the following topics:

Resume review and personal story rehearsal

Mock interviews

Mock case studies and group exercises as held by the top consulting firms and investment banks

During the two-month program, students became more aware of the true differences between professions and were better able to judge the career in which they would be most successful. They also gained tools to succeed in the rigorous interview process that led to the best job opportunities.


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