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Power Up at the Gym


Power Up at the Gym

Carlos Ramirez shares a post designed to encourage you back to the gym. 

Gyms and fitness studios were some of the first businesses to close their doors when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the US. Now we ask ourselves, is it the right time to go back to the gym?

There are a series of protective measures that gym or fitness studios owners must adhere too before reopening, for example: strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols. Such protocols are still being worked on, but it is likely to include the number of people allowed in at the same time, remain at least 6 feet apart when exercising and the use of a mask.

Going back to the gym may sound a little risky, but it is a fact that people are now trying to go back to their fitness routines and healthy eating habits. If you are hesitant about going back to your old gym or fitness club, you might want to try some outdoor exercising, a nice jug around the park would do the trick, but if the access to nature is limited where you live, then your next option would be to go back to the gym, of course taking all the safety precautions possible. 

Powerful foods priority is the health and safety of all of our customers.

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