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Positive Links and Advice for Business Leaders


Positive Links and Advice for Business Leaders

Davina Stanley shares an article and several useful links that explore the common pitfalls to avoid and positive steps to take when hiring senior leaders.

When we talk about deeply understanding our audience, what do we really mean?

Is defining our audience as ‘the board’ or ‘the senior leadership team’ sufficient?

If your issue is uncontentious, then likely yes.

However, more often than not, leadership groups not only bring different experiences but different perspectives that we must understand if we are to engage them.

This week I helped a senior group untangle their own engagement strategy for a board paper and an issue emerged that will help you too.

The team had missed an important nuance when thinking about their individual board member’s attitudes toward their paper.

They had not thought deeply enough about each person as an individual rather than part of the group.

To learn more specific ideas about how to avoid this problem, register for the Clarity Hub  and visit the Stakeholder Management area.

Key points include:

  • Engagement strategy

  • Communication skills

  • Digital transformation

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