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Playing Around with GPTs


Playing Around with GPTs

If the range of GPTs seems a little daunting, this article from Phil Bellaria may encourage you to jump in and have fun. 

Just kidding, GenAI hasn’t figured out laundry yet, but OpenAI has released a series of task-specific apps that they call GPTs.  Finally, someone is less creative with branding than me!  

These apps, uhh… GPTs (really rolls off the tongue), range from the well-known, like ChatGPT Classic, Data Analysis, and DALL-E, to the obscure and whimsical, like Mocktail Mixologist and genz 4 meme.  To access the GPTs, you need to subscribe to ChatGPT Premium @ $20/mo, and click Explore near the top of the left-side navigation menu.

You can imagine a not-too-distant future where OpenAI has an app store (ok, GPT store) selling tailored, special-purpose applications built off the foundational GPT-4+ large language model (LLM).  

I’ve played around with the GPTs.  In the lead-up to launching CDAO Partners, I used ChatGPT Classic, Data Analysis, and Browse With Bing to help design the logo, choose font types and color schemes, brainstorm names and taglines, and draft the business plan.  

I’ll offer the following GPT Tips & Tricks based on my experience thus far:

Just Do It.  The old Nike push applies.  Don’t be intimidated, or search for the perfect prompts.  There is no secret sauce.  Just try it, iterate, learn and evolve.  It’s fun.

Trust But Verify.  Yes, hallucinations are real.  I had one in 2022 when UNC beat Duke in the Final Four (that didn’t really happen, did it?).  And GPT-4 has them today.  I reach into my analyst toolkit here – if something doesn’t seem right, double and triple check.

Avoid Distraction.  The GPTs have an annoying time-out “feature,” after which you lose all the history and context of your interactions to that point.  When you start a GPT, put aside all distractions, focus on the task at hand, and download any interim work.

Which GPTs are you most excited to explore?  What special-purpose applications should OpenAI release next?  I’d love to hear your perspective.


Key points include:

  • GPT tricks and tips
  • GPT store
  • Avoid distraction


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