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Plant the Seeds and Watch Them Grow


Plant the Seeds and Watch Them Grow

Jessica Lackey shares a sage reminder designed to inspire you to keep on walking your talk.

A post of yours gets only a handful of likes.

Your newsletter list is growing oh so slowly.

You get no feedback for a presentation or a meeting you prepared so hard for.

And yet….

The clients you are working with start echoing back your words to you.

Or your team and peers start mirroring your behavior.

Colleagues and friends start picking up books or following teachers you’ve recommended.

You get private messages from former colleagues and acquaintances telling you that your post sparked an insight.

You start going deeper in your work or your voice, and your community and organization notices.

Even when you don’t think anyone is watching…. you’re creating ripples.

This isn’t to say “watch out, you’re always being watched!”

But instead to know that you are impacting lives based on how you are living, no matter how ‘big’ or engaged your audience or organization is on the surface.

You’re being the model and the teacher that maybe didn’t exist for you.

You’re demonstrating courageousness and resilience by showing up each day.

You’re creating ripples for farther in the world than you can know.

In Radical Strategy, patterns repeat. How we are at the small scale is how we are at the large scale.

I challenge you to notice the ripples and impacts in your life and business:

Holding a brave space for someone else to go deep and be vulnerable, so your clients or team members can be the leaders they want to be.

Saying the thing that no one else says to open up the space for real dialogue.

Giving yourself the permission slip to do business YOUR way, actively demonstrating that we can all give ourselves permission to tend to our needs.

Curating resources that expose your community or team to new ideas.

Starting conversations that spark intrigue and curiosity that your team or clients will bring into their lives and work.

So even when it’s hard, and it’s quiet….

Know that your work matters. Because it’s yours, and it’s creating ripples.

Key points include:

  • The power of repetition

  • Radical strategy

  • Holding a brave space

Access the article, The Ripple Effect, on LinkedIn.