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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Holger Bernd Mueller with Tmmune AG.  Holger built his career on the two pillars of strategy consulting and commercialization of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. After his forming education at Bain & Company, Holger joined Novartis Pharma in headquarter- and country-organization roles, covering the entire lifecycle of a pharmaceutical drug […]

In this article, Matthew Levey questions the efficacy of current educational state tests in assessing knowledge.  At present public schools provide feedback to parents and the broader community in ways that rely heavily – if not exclusively – on scores from state tests given once every Spring. As I make clear in the post that […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Kailash Bhat. Kailash is a ‘Consultant’ and ‘Technologist’ with expertise and success in building and executing business transformation strategies and technology strategies in the high-tech industry. Most recently, he was a Consultant with Boston Consulting Group focused on Strategy and Operations related casework for high-growth Technology firms. Prior to consulting, Kailash […]

Darien Smith shares an invitation to a series of virtual events. Join us virtually on November 29th for Founders Leap with Darien K. Smith ’16! Founders Leap is a series of virtual events featuring conversations with NYU Law Alumni that have started businesses after practicing law. Hosted by the NYU Law Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital […]

In this post, Erik Rignér offers a service to improve your data analysis process.  Tired of manually analyzing your survey data? Our limited beta can help! We’ll automate the analysis and provide you with fast, fresh summarized insights, all with minimal effort on your end. Join our beta now at and see how it […]

In this article co-written by Peter Munene, Sahil S.R Shah, and Rajab Hamisi, learn from the past how to respond to the next global pandemic.  As economies in Africa were gradually exposed and had to begin dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis, there were several responses introduced to counter the primary threat of the virus. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Katerina Forbis. Kat is passionate about finding the outer limits of performance for the companies she works for and in her personal life. During her three years at Bain & Company, Kat helped her clients solve their biggest challenges and capitalize on their opportunities to maximize results. She has experiences […]

In this article, Alex Mitchell shares a deep dive on the path to sustainability for the cruise ship industry in addition to informative links from this newsletter’s sponsors. This newsletter aims to separate the signal from the noise for investment in all things sustainable transportation: Electrification, mode shift, active and public transit, and mobility aggregation, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Anders Fleck. A summary of Anders’ experience follows. “Hello, I’m Anders Fleck, an IT Consultant with a profound appreciation for the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence. With roots in strategic consultancy at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), I’ve transitioned into a pivotal role as the Chief Operating Officer at […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Matthew Levey.  Matthew was a generalist in the New York Office of McKinsey working on a range of projects in finance, non-profit and PE. Prior to McKinsey he was a US diplomat, serving in the Balkans and as an intelligence analyst in Washington. Since McKinsey he has focused on education, […]