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New service offering for members: LinkedIn sourcing


New service offering for members: LinkedIn sourcing


A new service that we’re offering to members – custom LinkedIn sourcing.

How it works: You let us know a set of criteria to filter on and the fields you’d like to get, and we’ll create a Google sheet with LinkedIn contacts, as in the example above.

A few use cases for this service are:

1) Business development – get a list of execs in your target niche
2) Identifying experts to interview for a project
3) Due diligence: identify every employee at a company to build an org chart outside-in

You can of course do this yourself: I share tips in Episode 51 (How to outsource research tasks using Upwork) and Episode 213 (How to source experts for interviews.)

This service is for those members who don’t want to go through all the hassle of finding someone and training them.

We have hired a team of full time employees, trained them, and paid for LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscriptions.

Our current pricing on this service:
US$100 gets you a full 8-hour shift.  This will usually get you about ~200-300 LinkedIn contacts with 5-6 columns of data.  If you want more columns of data, or have more strict search criteria, you’ll get fewer, and if you just want name and LinkedIn URL you’ll probably get more.  (During this trial period, the service is available only in units of 8-hour shifts.)

100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Turnaround time: We’ll start on the next available shift (shifts start 8 p.m. EST Sunday – Thursday) unless we’re already fully booked for that shift.

If you’d like to use the service, submit your request here.