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Morning pages


Morning pages


Julia Cameron introduced the concept of morning pages in her seminal book, The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self.

The idea is simple enough: every morning, within forty-five minutes of waking up, you sit down and write whatever comes into your head, for roughly fifteen minutes.

It is not intended to be a journal.

You aren’t intended to ever read the entry again.

Just write.

Many people have reported making stunning personal and creative breakthroughs after adopting this practice.

You could consider it a form of meditation.

I’ve been writing morning pages every day for the last two months. (While the canonical approach is to write at least three pages in long-hand, I type on the Belkin keyboard of my iPad.) For me, the practice helps reduce mental chatter, provides a sense of calm, and has led to some ideas I’m excited to implement.