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Mergers and Acquisitions: A Financial Risk Mitigation 


Mergers and Acquisitions: A Financial Risk Mitigation 

Nidhi Chadda shares a post that highlights an interview with Forbes Finance Council on mitigating M&A financial risks.

Thank you Forbes Finance Council for including me in your last post on “20 Ways to Mitigate M&A Financial Risks.” Consideration of ESG / sustainability factors still remains of paramount importance for any M&A / deal consideration – irrespective of whether the asset is public or private and regardless of sector exposure. Discussion around material factors allows us to find opportunities to unlock value for future strategic and financial buyers, while also thinking serving as a risk mitigator tool. 

At Enzo Advisors LLC, we remain focused on linking these factors evaluated in any deal / transaction to understanding the financial impact to any buyer / seller in a transaction. As a boutique practice, we can offer the independent, conflict – free assessment of a fairness opinion as it pertains to ESG factors and the relevance to any deal – “why sustainability matters to the bottom line” – irrespective of whether you are a strategic or financial buyer. DM me for more details.


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