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LinkedIn Banner Ideas


LinkedIn Banner Ideas


On their LinkedIn profile, about 90% of the members of this community still have the default, greyish banner.

This is a missed opportunity to communicate a visual and emotional message about you or your practice to potential clients.

Here are a handful of ideas to serve as an inspiration for your profile’s banner image.

It does take some thought and some effort to get a banner selected and perhaps designed, so the meta-message is: “I’m a person who takes the extra step in the way I present myself to the world, and I’ll go the extra mile when I work on your project.”

Susan Drumm promotes her podcast with a URL and a clear call to action (“Subscribe Now”). Note how the colors of the background of her photo so nicely match her brand colors.


You immediately know that Sean Brazier‘s work has something to do with data.


Robbie Kellman Baxter shows you right away that she gives keynote speeches.


Guillherme Bcheche‘s banner radiates a sense of calm – it just whispers.  As a potential client, I feel that we’ll sit chatting in low voices in a quiet room while he intently listens to what I have to say.


The city skyline is a popular motif. If you engage Nidhi Chadda, you’re getting a New Yorker.

Allen Cheng’s banner made me stop and think. The image suggests that Allen is playful and fun to work with. Not sure exactly what the image is, but on first glance it looks like a three dimensional abacus designed by a six-year old with an IQ of 180.

Another popular motif is the outdoor scene. Anna Engstromer suggests here that she loves to sail.