Lessons and Examples from Merger Integrations


Lessons and Examples from Merger Integrations


From David Burnie’s company blog, a handy post-merger integration checklist with lessons and examples from real integrations.

While each post-merger integration (PMI) is different, many elements are consistent no matter the size or nature of the transaction. Checklists can guide your integration whether you are executing your first integration or face multiple integrations per year. In addition, they can help your organization to ensure everyone knows what to do for each workstream and stage of the integration to ensure you don’t miss anything in the planning process.
This article provides a starting point to organizations beginning their PMI journey. It highlights the most important topics to consider at each stage of an integration, along with checklists to build upon as PMI plans are created.
Structuring post-merger integration checklists
Our checklists offer a starting point for the main activities for workstreams during each phase an integration. A PMI has five main phases:
Preparation for Day 1

Day 1 Activities

First 30 Days

First 90 Days

Post 90 days
Preparation includes:

  • Governance and Integration Management
  • Marketing and Communications

  • Technology and IT

Read the full article, Post-Merger Integration Checklist: Lessons and Examples from Real Integrations, on the BurnieGroup.com.