Leading through Disruption



In a series of three articles, Belden Menkus explores the impact of Covid on strategy. This first post explores how to lead your organization forward during times of uncertainty.


“The future is coming at us faster than ever, and its hallmarks are constant disruption and change. Covid has underscored that. Fighting this uncertainty is futile. So how do you lead your organization forward when it’s increasingly hard to know where ‘forward’ actually is? 

This is the first of three articles in which I explore the impact of Covid on strategy.

Business leaders make sense of what is happening, for their organisations and themselves. The quality of their sensemaking is a key determinant of success or failure. It shapes the threats and opportunities the organisation sees; it limits or opens out what leaders see as desirable or even possible.

But the impact of Covid-19 has been particularly difficult to make sense of, to come to a wise judgement of what it means. As a leader, you need to step back and ask yourself ‘how am I seeing this – and is that a good way?’.” 


Key points include:

  • Three mental frames
  • Consistency and continuity
  • Three steps to move forward


Read the full article, When the picture is blurred change the frame, on LinkedIn.