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Key Steps of Business Strategy Execution


Key Steps of Business Strategy Execution

In this concise PDF, Gaelle Lamotte shares key steps of business strategy execution. 

Strategy Execution is a team sport!.

1) People execute the strategy.

2) A strategy may be good, but it would never deliver significant result without its people.

3) Connecting people to strategy is paramount for successful execution.

4) When people are aligned to the organisation strategic goals, their collective energy is directed towards achieving those goals.

Human Capital Readiness

Organisations do not execute and make strategy happen unless the right people, individually and collectively are focused on the strategic priorities at the right time.


ü Talent Readiness: Refine recruitment, staffing and resourcing process to ensure the right people are in the right

jobs at the right time.

ü Employee alignment: Enhance the Performance Management System (PMS) to have a clear line of sight from corporate strategy to employee’s objective.

ü Timely feedback loop with automation that connects Strategy and Individual Performance Management Systems. This built-in flexibility enables seamless adjustment as the strategy is refined.

ü Strategy Execution Capability: Build in-house strategy execution capabilities, so that employees are equipped to consistently translate the strategic intent into actions more systematically.

ü Nurturing a learning environment: Supporting a continuous drive at individual and team level for self-renewal, creativity and innovative thinking.


Key points include:

  • Driving participation & supporting the execution of the strategic objectives, targets and initiatives.
  • Increasing motivation and commitment of the strategy
  • Promoting transparency and accountability 


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