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Key Points to Growth Acceleration


Key Points to Growth Acceleration


Luiz Zorzella shares a short post on how to accelerate growth in your current markets. 

Most businesses look for growth opportunities on their current markets, which are familiar and where they have brand equity.

To stand out and to produce real growth from current markets:

Stop limiting your upside to benchmarks and take the value you provide your customers to the next level

Explore alternatives growth models. One high-impact growth project may generate more growth than ten low-impact ones

Stop managing things and training skills that do not yield value and growth and focus on the ones that do

Are there unexplored opportunities you could be looking into?

Are you pursuing important benchmarks or redefining them?

Where will you produce radical new value to your customers?

Are your capabilities growing in the right direction?

Our clients have used our services to…

Radically improve value to their customers

Remove barriers to accelerate growth

Focus leadership and organizational on growth and value

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