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Increase your contentment


Increase your contentment


Veritux member Tim Streeter has published Contentment Commitment, based on a framework he developed to enhance the level of contentment in his own life.

Tim shared the framework with friends, and they shared it with their friends.

After a few hundred people had used it successfully, Tim felt compelled to share the approach with a wider audience.

The first step in the process he describes is to “reflect, rate, and rank” your current level of contentment across six dimensions and 36 sub-dimensions, and then list actions which could improve your satisfaction in these areas.

You can download the set of worksheets at You can listen to my conversation with Tim on Episode 427 of Unleashed.

Tim, previously the Chief Operating Officer for Talent Acquisition at Accenture (100,000+ new hires per year!), has put together a program for companies that want to increase the contentment of their employees. If you know a firm that might be interested, you can contact Tim at

Here’s the set of six dimensions and their sub-dimensions:

  • 1. Self
    • Creative
    • Cultural
    • Spiritual
    • Financial
    • Professional
    • Wellness
  • 2. Partner
    • Financial
    • Parental
    • Communication
    • Responsibilities
    • Intimacy
    • Dating
  • 3. Dependents
    • Experimenting
    • Socializing
    • Communicating
    • Playing
    • Teaching
    • Providing
  • 4. Friends
    • Exercising
    • Traveling
    • Changing
    • Going out
    • Visiting
    • Talking
  • 5. Family
    • Parents
    • Grandparents
    • Siblings
    • Aunts & Uncles
    • Cousins
    • Extended
  • 6. Community
    • Business
    • Schools
    • Worship
    • Entertainment
    • Arts
    • Service