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Implementing Positive Organizational Change


Implementing Positive Organizational Change

Gina Abudi has recently published a book on launching change initiatives and developing a continuous improvement culture of change.

In today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, organizations that do not regularly undertake change initiatives will find it difficult—if not impossible—to continue to be successful in the long term.

Most organizations only launch change initiatives when forced to address some pain, such as decreased revenues or profits, where the sole focus is on the benefits to the organization. Often, the people side of change management is overlooked, causing 60-70% of these efforts to fail.

Implementing Positive Organizational Change explains how to develop a continuous improvement culture of change that will be perceived by employees as a positive opportunity to create something new, exciting and valuable, instead of something negative to confront and resist. This comprehensive guide describes how to communicate with and engage stakeholders and employees to gain buy-in and support, and outlines a strategic project management approach that helps ensure successful implementation and desired results.


Key Features Include:

  • Discusses the challenges and negative perceptions of organizational change and how to overcome them, as well as best practices for continuous change and assessing organizational readiness, the use of pilot groups to help ensure change adoption, and change agents to help change stick
  • Presents guidelines for continuous communication with and engagement of employees, stakeholders, and teams involved in change initiatives that will increase the success of those initiatives
  • Explains the value of using cross-cultural and cross-generational teams to engage people in change, and the value of creating and sustaining a Change Management Center of Excellence within the organization
  • Includes practical change management examples, tips, and mini case studies to help facilitate greater understanding
  • Provides a project management approach that includes how to plan for change, and a variety of best practices for effectively managing change from the early stages of the project beyond deployment to ensure desired organizational benefits are achieved
  • WAV™ offers assessments tools, checklists, surveys/questionnaires, and templates that will enable readers to prepare for and engage employees in change within their own organizations 


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