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How to Use Music as a Powerful Leadership Tool


How to Use Music as a Powerful Leadership Tool


Susan Drumm, founder and host of The Enlightened Executive, shares a podcast on the power of music. 

“Music has the power to enhance our team and personal effectiveness.  Wondering how?

Certain songs have the ability to trigger powerful emotions and memories within us. By harnessing this power, we can intentionally use music to subconsciously boost our moods, productivity and motivation.

Joining me on The Enlightened Executive podcast is Jonathan Elias, one of the most influential composers in the advertising world focused on audio branding. Jonathan is responsible for groundbreaking work for countless brands and is the recipient of virtually every major advertising honor. Jonathan’s work as a record producer, Grammy-nominated artist, and film and trailer composer includes collaborations with Duran Duran, BB King, David Bowie, and countless more.

In this episode, Jonathan and I explore music’s emotional impact and share 3 essential strategies for using music as an unconventional but powerful leadership tool.

Ready to learn how to use music as a powerful leadership tool?

Then don’t miss this enlightening interview.”

Access the podcast, 3 Ways Music can Increase Team and Personal Effectiveness (feat. Jonathan Elias), on your media streaming service.