How to Turn Your Content into a Subscription-based Business


How to Turn Your Content into a Subscription-based Business


As more people turn to online platforms for education and professional development, how can you share your wealth of experience and knowledge, and turn it into financial revenue through a subscription-based platform? Robbie Kellman Baxter explains how.

For years, learning and development professionals have been talking about the coming transformation of adult learning and particularly professional development within ones career.

What are the best practices? What are the pitfalls?

How can YOU build a membership model and justify subscription pricing for your excellent content?

Understanding the Learning Landscape

The number of options through which to continue to develop and hone professional skills has been growing for the past several years. Several different types of organizations share a forever promise to ‘help people thrive in their careers’.


In this article you will learn:

  • Best practices
  • How to layer in value
  • Pitfalls To Avoid


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