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How to Start a Podcast


How to Start a Podcast


How to Start a Podcast

Creating your own podcast provides multiple benefits, including:

– RELATIONSHIPS: An opportunity to build relationships with potential clients or collaborators

– VISIBILITY: If you host an interview-based show, your guests may promote the episode to their followers on social media

– CREDIBILITY: Even if a client doesn’t listen to a single minute of your show, if you’ve published 50 episodes on a topic, you’ll be viewed as more credible than someone with a similar background who has not published any content

– KNOWLEDGE: A forcing function to make sure you’re learning something new about your industry or function on a regular basis

After the initial activation energy of getting a show launched, you can publish a weekly episode with just a 60-90 minute time investment.

To help you get started, we just published a 15-step checklist on how to create and launch your own show.

The bottom of that page lists podcasts hosted by members of the community. If you host a show that isn’t listed, please let me know and we’ll add it.