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How to Relaunch Your Business


How to Relaunch Your Business

Usman A. Ghani provides a downloadable PDF on relaunching your business in a post COVID economy.

To successfully relaunch your business in the  Post-­‐‑Covid-­‐‑19 economies,  you need real answers to questions such as those below. To thrive in the emerging business environment, you must implement feasible, proactive, and timely solutions for your specific recovery goals. Confluence helps business leaders initiate and structure change using a holistic approach to business design.

How will your business be affected as the economy reopens?

What are your new, unforeseen business challenges?

What will your business be forced to do differently?

What will your customers, employees, and suppliers expect going forward?

Short-­‐‑term reopening will require sizeable readjustments of the existing business to provide physical safety through virtual meetings, social distancing, continuous disinfection, and other unusual procedures mandated by the crisis.    Long-­‐‑term recovery,  however,  will require a thoughtful redesign of processes, jobs, and workplaces. These recovery actions are the business equivalent of a company “developing immunity” against business disruption so it can continue to adapt and thrive.

 Key points include:

  • Supply chains

  • Talent management

  • Workforce retention

Download the PDF, Relaunching Your Business In The Post-Covid-19 Economy, on