How to make outbound calls


How to make outbound calls


Outbound calls are one of the best ways to keep relationships strong and stay top-of-mind with decision makers.

But making outbound calls – even to people in your core network – can be awkward.

It helps quite a bit, though, if you have a plan for what you’ll say and how to steer the conversation.

At the Top Tier events last year, one of the highest rated topics was David A. Fields sharing his approach to making outbound calls, including:

  • Why you should not always try to “add value” whenever you make a call
  • What to say if you reach voicemail
  • How to navigate “The Turn” if a possible project opportunity gets mentioned
  • What to say when asked what you’ve been up to

David was kind enough to return to Unleashed as my guest to discuss his approach on Episode 170, which we’ve added to Unleashed Essentials – the top episodes I encourage people to start with.

You can download for free the call outline that is excerpted above by going here. That link will also take you to a Script Bank that David developed.