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How to Keep the Lights on in Africa


How to Keep the Lights on in Africa


While all eyes are on the future of Africa’s resources, Richard Stuebi takes a look ahead at improving the electricity sector. In this article, he summarizes the main points from a year long study. 

For the past year or so, I’ve been privileged to lead a team at the Institute for Sustainable Energy at Boston University to develop a synthesized perspective on the current state of and future prospects for the African electricity sector.  I’m pleased to announce that our final report is now available to the public, and a webinar presenting a brief summary of its findings can be seen here.

This report became a labor of love for me:  although it admittedly took a lot longer to complete than I had expected, the effort in reviewing the ever-growing body of information on electricity in Africa rewarded me by providing additional evidence in support of my hypothesis that the natural long-run state of the sector involves a “grid-of-grids” architecture.

The challenges impeding improvement in the African electricity sector are daunting.  


The points summarized in this article include:

  • Population’s access to electricity
  • Africa’s infrastructure and economy
  • Control of Africa’s utilities
  • Africa’s reliance on fossil fuels


Read the full article, Bringing Power and Progress to Africa, on the Future Energy Advisors’ website.