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How to Hold a Productive Virtual Meeting


How to Hold a Productive Virtual Meeting

Koen Veltman shares a company blog post that outlines a simple process to ensure virtual meetings are more effective.

Meetings can be very chaotic, especially when you don’t see each other, how do you efficiently get to a decision? Use a process! Not only decide on the what you will discuss, but also on the how . Do you have a format that allows you to be fast and inclusive at the same time?  Try our ABC. This works for all meetings, especially for 

Here is our simple A-B-C:

A’s: Actions. Very quick. I want to share shortly something, ask something or get an action from someone. That’s it. The person you ask something from or asked something from answered and you will move to the next agenda point. Typically it’s over within a minute. 

B’s: Brainstorms. You need more information or ideas. You need to do something but you need more ideas to get to a solution. You will ask from everyone to share ideas with you,  if they have them.  Just make a quick round. Discussion shouldn’t be necessary, because you just need inspiration. In the end it is up to you to solve it.  

C’s: Collective decisions. It’s time to decide. Especially after a long heated discussion this can be a challenge. And honestly these are the toughest to do virtually if it’s a serious decision. A simple starting point is that you put a solution on the table (note that this is different from putting a topic on the table!), and then you ask for a full round of reactions. You will allow everybody to participate and share their view. After the full round you will respond and potentially include some of the reactions into a changed proposal. Then you will ask for a second round. The second round is different, you don’t ask for open-ended reactions, but for specific suggestions to improve the proposal. Only in this stage you allow discussion, as long as it serves the proposal. After this round decide on the proposal that is acceptable and safe enough to try. 

It requires a little discipline and practice! But if you master as a group a clear process, the pay-off will be huge!


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