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How to Engage the Younger Generation


How to Engage the Younger Generation

Gina Abudi shares an article on the problems and solutions of how to engage the younger generation.

The younger generation employees want to do social good work; they want to be involved in the community. Companies can engage the younger generation workforce by enabling for time and support to work with local community groups – whether non-profits or NGOs.

Consider this short story of a client of Abudi Consulting Group.

The Problem

A start-up organization surveyed their non-management employees – most of whom were in their 20’s – to understand what would engage them in the workplace. This survey was generated based on a number of comments from these employees during an employee engagement survey. The question on the survey specifically asked what the organization could do to better support the employees. A number of comments received in response to this question were focused on volunteer work with non-profits. Below are just a handful of the comments received:

“The organization needs to do more within the community.”

“I would like my manager to support my work with non-profits.”

“At my last job, my manager supported work with a local community group, enabling me time off from work every other week. I learned much and built skills I was able to use on the job; it would be nice if the same was available here.”

“I am disappointed that my manager would not let me attend a working session of a board on which I have been participating for the last three years. He told me that I could take vacation time to attend. The organization could enable for employees to have some time off for attending non-profit events without having them take vacation time to do so.”

Of the 100 respondents to the employee engagement survey, about 20 comments were focused on providing support, including time off, for employees to work with non-profits and to do other community-type work.

In doing a bit of research, it was apparent that the client was not the only company with younger generation employees interested in social good work. A key component of engaging younger employees in the workplace is to enable them to contribute to social good work by providing them time off and other support through the organization to do so. Employees, the research showed, were interested in companies that did social good work themselves as well as enabled employees to do social good work.

Key points include:

  • Establishing a Social Good Policy

  • Providing support

  • Open lines of communication

Read the full article, Engaging the Younger Generation: Through Corporate Support for Involvement in Non-Profit and Community Initiatives, on LinkedIn.