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How to Deal with Self-doubt


How to Deal with Self-doubt

If you occasionally or frequently suffer from a lack of confidence, this article by Zawah Jameel and Rahul Bhargava shares advice, practices, and exercises that can help you overcome crippling self-doubt.

We all have experienced self-doubts, especially when it comes to undertaking significant life decisions. Whether it is the selection of a career or prospects of a current job, we all have been there.

There is that voice ringing in your head that constantly says that you cannot do it. But the remedy to that pessimistic voice is acting to the contrary and doing what you desire. Acting and getting your ambitions fulfilled is how you silent them forever.

They are a part of our experiences as we grow up.

What Causes Self-Doubt?

The lack of confidence and the air of uncertainty gives space for doubts.

There are things around us that we cannot control which often cultivates reasons for concern and anxiety. I will share my example here

I have always strived to be perfect at everything, like becoming the best artist, the meritorious student, the perfect wife, and so on. However, I never took a pause and thought, what is the definition of perfection?

For a long time, I was trapped in the self-doubt prison of my creation. Humans were not born to be perfect, we were born to be real, and to have emotions, to make mistakes and learn from them. The attribute of perfection belongs only to our creator.

Sometimes we fixate on a certain outcome which creates an immense level of fear.


Key points include:

  • Reflection
  • Embracing self-doubt
  • Self-esteem assessment


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