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How to Brand Like an Expert


How to Brand Like an Expert


Susan Meier was recently interviewed on the Blogger Genius Podcast where she explains “how to brand like an expert and the mistakes to avoid in 2022.

Susan Meier:

Thank you so much, Jillian, it’s great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Jillian Leslie:

So, you are a branding expert. How did you become one? Can you share your entrepreneurial journey?

Susan Meier:

Sure, absolutely. So, I started my career as a management consultant. So focusing on strategy. And when I was at the Boston Consulting Group, I very quickly was drawn to their consumer goods practice.

And got really interested in the work that we were doing there with talking to consumers, doing focus groups, understanding what drove them to connect with brands.

I don’t think I was aware that there was an industry or a discipline around branding at that time. But I got really energized by this idea that people had these kinds of really personal intimate relationships with the brands that they were purchasing.

And so, when I left BCG, I had the opportunity to go work for a couple of boutique branding agencies, I decided to go in that direction. And I fell in love with it. I worked for many years in that kind of agency world working with consumer brands.

All the household, mostly food, some personal care brands that you’ve heard of big clients were Pepsi and Unilever, Mars, all the candy. My kids when they were little thought I worked in a chocolate factory because I would bring home so much candy.

And then 11 years ago, I had little children, and I found the agency lifestyle to be a little challenging. And I also wanted a little more freedom to choose the portfolio of work that I was going to be doing. So, I launched my own business.


Key points include:

  • Starting a branding agency
  • What your audience wants from you
  • Tell your genuine story


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