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Hot Subscription-Based Business Stories


Hot Subscription-Based Business Stories

In this article, Robbie Kellman Baxter shares a review of the best subscription headlines of 2022, providing links to a wealth of information on the subscription-based businesses.

Whenever I see a hot subscription story in the news, I post it here on LinkedIn, with my thoughts on implications.

Subscriptions were in the headlines constantly in 2022, so I had a lot to write about. Every organization wants predictable recurring revenue, and investors value subscription businesses more highly than their transactional peers.

Below are the headlines I wrote about, along with a link to my analysis. Stories cover industries including streaming, pharma, ecommerce, airlines, cars, news, fitness fast food, heavy equipment and theme parks, as well as themes like valuations, subscription fatigue.

Some companies were perpetually in the headlines–Twitter, Peloton, Netflix, Amazon and CNN.

What do you think was this year’s biggest story in the subscription world? Anything I left out?

Key points include:

  • Peak subscription
  • Getting subscribers to return

  • Rewards programs

Read the full article, The Best Subscription Headlines of 2022, on Linkedin.