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Helping Consultants Go Agile


Helping Consultants Go Agile


Patrice Gorin shares a beginners guide to agile consulting.

In my experience, both as a consultant and a client, I’ve seen teams and organizations waste huge amounts of energy and resources pursuing inefficient approaches to solving problems.

As a result, I’ve often felt as if there was no time left to do agile the right way.  

As a consultant or a client, do you experience …

A lack of clarity or adaptability around the scope of work 

Teams that are not as productive as they could be 

Conversations that go in circles 

Inadequate tools with not enough time to master them

If you have answered yes to one or all the above, how much effort and energy do you believe is wasted as a consequence?

By the end of this article, you will see how Agile Consulting can help both consultants and clients to…

Adapt the scope of work

Create productive environments 

Use tools and time in a more effective way

Improve relationships

Do your best work, effortlessly

What is Agile Consulting? 

Agile Consulting is widely used today, so it’s important to define it properly. 

For some, it is an IT concept. For others, it’s a way of changing what you do every day.

Agile consultants combine a deep agile experience with a strong management consultancy foundation.

The problem with management consulting alone can be that it is rigid and does not allow significant changes during an assignment.

Management consultants traditionally invest a lot of energy into drafting detailed proposals. The problem is that the scope of work is often optimised to appeal to key stakeholders. When the teams get to work, the scope is often found to be different, with little room to adapt. 

Now that consultants are delivering more operational and integrated work packages, it becomes even more important to apply agile approaches, especially for uncertain and complex areas of the business.

Key points include:

  • What agile consulting is
  • Why agile consulting is important
  • How agile consulting works

Access the full guide, The Beginner’s Guide To Agile Consulting, on LuxisConsulting.