For Those Who Lead


For Those Who Lead

Zweli Oyena shares a few words on leadership.

Can I say for many of us who have been led, we don’t actually care at all how leaders lead, we care how they live among us. It doesn’t matter that you tell me not to “even look at emails at 10pm”, if I wake up at 8am with 10 emails from you at 12am, even if you put the tag “for tomorrow”.

Leading is not about leading, it’s about doing. We follow what you do. So if we see you dying from work stress, we will also die. If we get work emails from you at 10pm, we wait one day and then send you one at 11pm.

Wellness is such an important topic, I just wish we learnt to differentiate between wellness and survival. And then, I wish we addressed both with the urgency they deserve.

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