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Foot-in-the-Door Tactics


Foot-in-the-Door Tactics

David A. Fields offers practical scenarios to get a company foot in the door of a new client. 

A small project with a new client could pave the way to a long-term, lucrative relationship with your consulting firm. Alternatively, it could waste your time with a low-margin, low fee engagement.

Let’s say your consulting firm has forged a connection with Esther Bunnie, CEO of Cad’s Berries, a multi-national player in the chocolate novelties market. 

Cad’s Berries is completely missing the digital chocolate boom, and your consulting firm could help. If you play it right, Bunnie’s company could become a large portion of your consulting firm’s basket of clients.

Let’s look at four, common scenarios.


Scenario #1:

You’d like to offer a Digital Cacao Transformation project; however, when you realize Bunnie doesn’t have the appetite for a full transformation, you offer a few variations of a Cacao Nib engagement to get your consulting firm’s foot in the door. Cacao Nib projects are quite small, but they preserve your premium fees and high profit margin. 

Scenario #2:

When it’s clear Bunnie would reject a Digital Cacao Transformation project, you propose a few flavors of a Cacao Shavings Remix engagement. The Shavings projects are small and you offer them at a substantial discount to get your consulting firm’s foot in the door.”


Key points include:

  • Long term results
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Don’t offer discounts


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