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FOMO as a Strategy


FOMO as a Strategy

Jessica Lackey explains how to use the fear of missing out as part of a strategy for your business.

The call to take on everything at once, to maximize our time, to avoid the opportunity cost of time, is deeply ingrained in our society.

Our bucket lists are long. Our intentions are big. And we see on the internet or social media constantly what everyone else is doing. Why can’t that be us?

And we are not just tempted to take on more. We feel shame and guilt about not “doing it all”, making the most of our time.

We feel the fear of missing out (FOMO).

That we can have (all) of the experiences we see across a community for ourselves personally.

The fear that we need to work harder to capitalize on the ideas faster, bring in revenue faster, or just put more irons in the fire faster to generate results.

The fear that someone else will have the idea first or enroll that client first.

The fear that the idea we have will go away and never come back.

But you’ve seen how that works. Corporate strategies are a smattering of initiatives that look pretty on a page that are dusted off once a year. In our businesses, you take on too much, or try to launch too many things, and your attention is not deep on any of them. Your strategy is a laundry list of hopes that never happen and keep you on the hamster-wheel of “plan for perfection, feel bad when it doesn’t happen, and then buy more into toxic productivity to stay on the wheel”. Succumbing to FOMO is a good starting point for burnout.


Key points include:

  • The space to create depth
  • Allowing the unknown to appear
  • Non-urgent distractions

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