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Exploring China’s Influence on Canada


Exploring China’s Influence on Canada

In this evergreen article, Anders Corr explores the relationship between China and Canada.

Canada is in an uproar. On Saturday, the New York Times called Canadian concerns about China’s election interference a “political firestorm.”

The storm is from intelligence leaked to multiple Canadian reporters and authors over the past few years from Canadian security sources. The intelligence indicates that China allegedly sought to keep Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party in power over the last two elections, albeit in a weak position as a “minority government” dependent on a third party’s support.

Apparently, China’s communists see Trudeau as soft on the party, but they don’t trust him further than they can throw him.

The goal of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with respect to Canada, according to experts interviewed by the National Post, a Canadian paper, is “trying to keep Canada quiet about China’s human rights abuses, disrupting Canada’s relationships with its intelligence partners and finding ways to steal technology and trade secrets.”

Information from the sources is evidence that Chinese consulates in Canada, or those linked to the regime in Beijing, have allegedly invested in tech companies with sensitive technology, donated a million dollars to Trudeau’s family foundation, made illegal cash transfers to Liberal Party campaigns, and volunteered Chinese nationals to work illegally for campaigns. The CCP has used gangs to intimidate Chinese dissidents, launder money, and traffic in illegal drugs, according to the sources, which include documentary evidence.

All of that—as shocking as it still is—was known previously.

US Intelligence Probed Canada

New reporting from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) indicates that U.S. intelligence agencies have long been worried about China’s influence in Canada, to the point of conducting a “secret probe” up North of the border as far back as the 1990s.


Key points include:

  • Confirming allegations
  • US frustrations
  • Election interference


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