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In this post, Alun Thomas takes a look at turbulence within the energy sector.

The energy sector is experiencing unprecedented turbulence presenting opportunity and threat to all industry participants. In Europe, for example, the long-term imperative to change the energy mix and move along the path to nett zero is in conflict with the need to ensure energy security next winter.

Country by country, Governments around the world are investing heavily in incentives, but within widely differing policy frameworks, depending on whether they are nett importers or exporters of fossil fuels, their perspectives on whether nuclear is green or not, availability of natural resources supporting renewables, and whether or not climate change represents an existential threat. Industry players who see concerted efforts to reduce demand for their established products and services at home, or sluggishness to enable market growth for new products and services, might find more favorable market conditions elsewhere. These uncertainties and changing business conditions call for new and innovative strategies.

The ExecHQ Energy Group are specialists under the umbrella of ExecHQ. We bring in other specialists as client situations mandate, in areas including Mergers and Acquisitions, ExecHQ MULTIPLE (pre-transaction valuation enhancement and readiness), Corporate Governance, Succession Planning, Executive/Leadership Coaching, Human Resources and Team Alignment, Technology / IT, Finance, and all other major points on the business compass.

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