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Empowering Economic Development


Empowering Economic Development

From his podcast, Powering Prosperity, Indranil Ghosh is interviewed by Julianne Sloane, co-founder of Nossa Data. He shares his background and what led him to write his book.  

In this week’s newsletter, I share some of my ideas on how to achieve sustainable economic development via an interview with Julianne Sloane, co-Founder of Nossa Data—the company which helps organisations reduce the time it takes to carry out ESG reporting. In the interview we discuss how governments can be a catalyst of new industries and job creation, the link between inequality and climate change, progress towards greater diversity in business, and how we all have a portfolio of roles which we can leverage to help drive sustainable change.  

  Interview with Nossa Data 

Can you give an introduction to your background?

“I started off with a passion for technology, a passion for science. My graduate and undergraduate work was in chemical engineering and I did a PhD at MIT looking at polymers and how to control their properties in industrial situations. I’ve always been very interested in applied technology.”

“What I realized is that no matter how great a technology is, it doesn’t get very far if it’s not commercialized. I got interested in the commercialization of technology and business and economics in general in graduate school. After graduate school I joined McKinsey, working there for seven years and becoming an associate principal in their New York office.”

“The next step in my career was to join Bridgewater as a client advisor and strategist. My role was to raise capital for them. As one of the largest institutional investors in the world, I began to understand how global macroeconomics really works in markets. My interest was really in Private Equity, in investing in companies that could do something transformative.”

Read the full interview or listen to the podcast, How to empower economic development, on LinkedIn.