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Don’t Overlook these Success Factors of Program Management


Don’t Overlook these Success Factors of Program Management

Jesse Jacoby shares an article on how transformation programs, agility, and culture play a major in the success of a business. 

Many companies are undertaking business transformation initiatives this year – to rein in costs, streamline processes, re-structure teams, drive new revenue, produce higher quality output, etc. These initiatives are inherently complex and require savvy program management skills.

Now is a suitable time to review some of the less obvious success factors of program management for business transformations.

Agile Governance:

Good governance is the cornerstone of successful business transformation programs. Agile program governance ensures that the program is managed properly and that decisions are made in a timely and effective manner. It helps to ensure that resources are allocated properly, risks are identified and managed, and stakeholders are kept informed throughout the process. To ensure successful program governance, it is important to have a clear and transparent process for decision-making and a well-defined governance framework that is tailored to the organization’s culture and goals. The program manager should also be prepared to adjust the program based on feedback from stakeholders.

Cultural Fit:

Cultural fit is essential for the successful implementation of business transformation programs. Diverse cultures have diverse ways of doing things, and it is important to ensure that the program is implemented in a way that is respectful and appropriate to the organization’s cultures. To do this, it is important to assess the culture of the organization and its stakeholders and to ensure that the program is designed and implemented in a way that fits with the culture and values of the organization. If the intent of the initiative is to shift the culture, this must be done with great care and thoughtful planning (a topic worthy of its own article).

Employee Engagement:

Engagement is key for successful transformation programs. Leaders should take the time to ensure that employees are informed about the program and its goals. This can be done through regular meetings and updates, as well as providing training and resources to help employees understand their roles in the program. Additionally, leaders should provide opportunities for employees to voice their opinions and suggestions. This will help ensure that the program is tailored to the needs of the organization and the employees. Finally, leaders should recognize and reward employees who demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm for the transformation program. This will help to motivate and inspire other employees to stay engaged and contribute to the success of the program.


Key points include:

  • Employee support for transformation programs
  • Managing company culture
  • Developing a governance framework


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