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Diversity in Team Building 


Diversity in Team Building 

In this article, Diane Flynn shares five wicked lies that compromise your diverse team building efforts, and action steps to overcome them. 

With diverse teams, companies are 45 percent more likely to grow share and 70 percent more likely to capture new markets. Cognitive diversity creates great teams. Homogeneity is the creativity killer. So why aren’t companies going after the 90 percent of tech savvy women reentering the workforce? Why aren’t male and female leaders alike driving toward diverse teams?

This session will help your company move from “why diversity” to “cognitive diverse teams are essential for disruption.” Debunk the lies and build a framework by leveraging men and women — especially empathetic dads of daughters, returning techie moms and more for the best 2.0 workforce, with five truths to help you excel in innovation.

Key Points 

1 in 3 companies will not survive in the next decade. How are you going to keep your company innovative and successful? Diversity is the answer. 

Diverse teams give your company 3 super powers: 

Super intelligence 

Super speed

Super synergy 

When you have a diverse team, your company collectively becomes smarter and is granted all the perspectives, backgrounds, and wealth of knowledge your members bring. This array of experiences and perspectives can propel your company forward and speed your innovation process. And when you use all your teammates collectively and embrace their individual identities, your company can thrive. 

The 5 Wicked Lies

Gender diversity is women’s work. 

Those who have taken a career break aren’t your best bet. 

Homogeneous teams are better.

Employees over 50 can’t keep up.

Female founders don’t really impact business. 

1 — “Gender diversity is women’s work.” 

When men and women work together, and both are engaged in diversity efforts, they’re 40% more successful.


Key points include:

  • Developing returner programs
  • Reverse-mentoring programs
  • Train underrepresented tech workers


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