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Dispelling Creative Myths at Work


Dispelling Creative Myths at Work


Susan Meier was recently interviewed on this podcast where she dives into creative myths at work to dispel the ideas that creativity and strategy are at odds. 

I think that we live in  world where we are surrounded by these myths, which, when we say them out loud they sound silly but we’ve kind of bought into, like the starving artist, or the writer who drinks too much, and so we kind of think of creativity in the back of our minds as something that may be a little playful or childlike or frivolous and not something that serious people do. And this shows up at work for business people, as almost a fear of showing their true colours. So, I encounter people all the time who are serious musicians or accomplished writers who hide that part of themselves at work, because they want to be taken seriously as a the tech entrepreneur  or whatever they are in their so called real job, and I think that this is a real missed opportunity, because, of course, the things that make us successful as creatives are exactly the things that make us successful in all kinds of work.


Points discussed include:

  • Tips on creating a brand
  • Branding for the individual
  • Self-assessment 
  • The evolution of Susan’s career


Listen to the full podcast, Creative Myths at Work, on the Creativity Coach podcast.