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Create a comprehensive project list


Create a comprehensive project list


Helpful exercise: Create a comprehensive list of every project you’ve worked on – as an independent, as a member of a firm, as an employee in industry.

You can download a template here.

Fields to consider including:

  • Name of client company
  • Name of client executive
  • Client team members
  • Consulting team members
  • Project start date
  • Project end date
  • My employer at the time
  • Primary location
  • Description (situation; what did I do; what was the impact)
  • Industry
  • Function
  • Completed a case study?
  • Sanitized work product available to share?
  • Obtained a client recommendation?
  • Client willing to serve as reference?

A comprehensive project list proves handy when you are asked to share your relevant experience on a particular topic. Just copy and paste.

Most people who do this exercise remember names of clients whom they ought to follow up with, leading to business development opportunities.

In Episode 140 of Unleashed, Jay Martin shares with me the benefits he has seen from maintaining an exhaustive project list.