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Corporate Hartz on Customized Engagement Models


Corporate Hartz on Customized Engagement Models


Jennifer Hartz shares an overview of her company’s expertise. Most specifically, its customized approach and how it helps clients.

20+ years ago, I founded Corporate Hartz LLC to combine my educational background, corporate consulting experience, and passion for leaving the world a better place. Our broad and deep expertise and customized approach efficiently delivers significant meaningful results for companies and their stakeholders.


3 Lines of Business: this Hartz & Minds issue is for Businesses and Hybrid Companies

1) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Environment, Society, Government (ESG)
2) Family and Individual Philanthropy
3) Speaking and Writing Engagements

Each company, client, and project is unique: from culture, to industry, geography, size, maturity, and the nature of the concern(s) and opportunity(ies). With the depth and breadth of our experience, we can establish the process, conduct due diligence, define the outcomes, include stakeholders, explore strategic options, develop partnerships, and support implementation.

With your input, we are prepared to exceed YOUR expectations, within YOUR budget, on YOUR time-table, with YOUR team and mine, with insight and efficiency.


Key points include:

  • Scope
  • Role
  • Collaboration


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